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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Star Sizes-The universe is freakin amazing!

The universe is freakin amazing!

Landing the Hard Way

Va Quarter Cutting Press Meet – Lekha Washington Photos

Kajal Agarwal Latest Photo Gallery

Sonia Agarwal New Unseen Photos

25th Anniversary of "Back to the Future" (14 Photos)

It has been over 25 years since Back to the Future was released on the big screen. The first film begged to have sequels written and they were 2 more films that feature Michael J. Fox and Christopher Loyd. Even after all this time they both look fantastic. The rest of the original cast isn’t looking all that bad either, but I bet they’d all love to take a ride back in time.

The Man with the Widest Mouth in the World (4 Photos)

Meet Francisco Domingo Joaquim from Angola. He was given the title of the 'World's Widest Mouth' by Guinness World Records. No wonder, his mouth is 6.69 inches wide and can fit in a Coca-Cola can sideways. It’s just crazy.

Golden Fall In The Kronotsky Protected Woodland

The Kronotsky reserve is situated in the Kamchatskaya region and numbers nearly 810 plant species, 32 mammal species and 216 kinds of birds. Every season is beautiful here, in this virgin protected woodland, and golden fall does not make an exception.

Picturesque Highway Trip


Soviet Army In Pictures

Russian Army 1
Let’s talk about the people of heroic professions and particularly about valiant armed forces of the USSR.

Most Unique and Rarest Musical Instruments

Most Unique and Rarest Musical Instruments in the worlds, maybe you're not familiar this musical instrument below since they was the rarest musical instrument in the world, unlike a common musical instrument such as piano, guitar or drums, these music instrument below was played with a unique way and made from a unique material.

If you're looking for another unique shaped common musical instrument such as bizarre guitar shape or weird looking piano, so you can find it on our previous post on this blog.

Here's Top 15 Most Unique Musical Instrument in the World. Check this out.


Kalimbas, also known as the thumb piano, Kalimbas is part of the family of percussion instruments. It is made of reed or tip, which then plucked with the thumb or fingers of people who play and vibration of the reed is then amplified through a hollow box resonator or a sound board to create music

The Rare Golden Tigers

The Rare Golden Tigers

Top Halloween Guinness Book World Records 2010

It's Halloween weekend and Guinness World Records 2010 has already announced some records related to the holiday. There will be many others set through this Sunday as representatives travel to every corner of the world, to document attempts at setting new ones.

One of those travel spots will be New Orleans. This Halloween night, the NFL is in town for NBC's Football Night in America telecast of the New Orleans Saints vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. The folks at the network decided to see if the crowd at the Superdome would qualify as the largest Halloween gathering.

“Halloween night in New Orleans was too rich to pass up,” said Fred Gaudelli, “Sunday Night Football” producer. “I think America has never seen anything quite like this, and we intend to take full advantage of it.” The current record was set in 2009 at a Bloomington, Indiana bar that crammed 509 patrons into a small space. It seems a new record is a lock.

This year's top Halloween records include:

World Heaviest & Biggest Pumpkin - It weighed 1,810 lb. 8 oz. presented by Mr. Chris Stevens in Stillwater, Minnesota at a harvest festival. But wait, there's more since that baby has got to get carved. The pumpkin was hauled to New York to be carved by one Scott Cully, at the New York Botanical Garden on Saturday October 30.

Dark world-Modern Russian Spy is a Femme Fatale

Anna Chapman is accused of espionage for Russian intelligence service: the SVR.
Before becoming a spy in the US she’s been living five years in Great Britain and was married to a British citizen, hence her last name Chapman. Since her divorce, she moved to New York. She has a masters' in economics, has a very expensive apartment in financial district of NY and runs a successful online international real estate agency, which let her having contacts with people around the globe. She’s also a New York socialite who attended high society New York parties.

Miss Chapman was accused of meeting an official from the Russian government and passing secrets to him every Wednesday since January. She was accused of espionage along with other 10 people, most of them living is suburbs which is the least place accepted for spies being infiltrated.