Monday, May 9, 2011

Tollybabe Tashu Kaushik in Bikini...

Wheel of Confusion Magic Trick

Which way is the wheel turning!? Focus on the red dots and follow them round… it appears to be rotating anti-clockwise. However, if you follow the yellow dots round instead, the whole wheel will be turning the other way! – clockwise!

Spot The Object / Rupees Illusion

There is a word hidden on this Rupee bill. It’s quite large and pretty obvious if you ask me, now that I know of it. Can you spot it? If not, try opening this post for explanation where it lyes, you’ll wonder how you didn’t notice it before… There’s also Illusion concerning 5 Canadian dollars inside this post.

And here’s the solution:

Another bill concerning optical illusion:

In 1954, the Bank of Canada issued a new bill with the engraving of Queen Elisabeth II on it. But then the bank started receiving complaints : people saw the face of the devil in the Queen’s hair, right behind her ear. I don’t think it’s very convincing, but the bank did: they destroyed all bills and reprinted them with a slightly changed version. Here you can see what was it all about. Not so impressive as the case with Rupees ;)

10 Hidden Eagles Illusion

For my last day in Big Apple I chose something related. We all know how the Bald Eagle is a traditional USA’s national emblem. You may spot him playing a major role inside each of the United States agency logos. Steven Michael Gardner is an artist whose creations played a big role in Mighty 

Optical Illusions history as well. I didn’t have enough time to tag all of his illusions on this site under one unifying tag, but you may find him easily by searching this site via integrated search box on top of our sidebar. 

This time Steven hid 10 Bald eagles inside this picture below. Some are obvious, while some are so well hidden you’ll have a hard time spotting them all. Enjoy your search!
There are 10 of them, can you spot all of them?
There are 10 of them, can you spot all of them?

Ladies and Gentlemen Illusion

I’ve found both of these optical illusions festering somewhere on my desktop computer. I always thought they were well produced, yet never felt they really deserve their very own post on this site. 

Luckily, a solution came to my mind – why not have them both at the same time?! Something similar was tested 2 weeks ago, and your response wasn’t bad at all! The first one depicts two booby-licous gentlemen, while the other was created by our well known illusion master – G. Sarcone.

Can you be sure how many ladies are there present in the second picture below?
ladies and gentlemen optical illusion

Not What You Originally Thought

Fresh optical illusions quickly become viral on the net. Seems internet audience is always thirsty for more, and this is why photo below (once it became popular), was submitted to my mail dozen of times. At first I didn’t see anything. 

Then I spotted what seemed to be not much of an illusion, but something more on the “offensive” side. I never even considered publishing this photo on Mighty Optical Illusions, until Jay Kleinrichert explained the secret. Boy was I mislead until that particular moment! This is truly a great find. 

Those of you who still don’t get it, be sure to check Dirty Minded Test – it might give you a clue. I won’t talk any further, chances are I could ruin the illusion for you accidentally.
Don't be shocked once you discover it, it's not what you think!

Sexy Hairy Shoulders Illusion

I had this one on my drive for some time now, but only recently did it became very popular around the net. Sometimes I have to be governed by masses, and appears masses like this one. I don’t think the effect is stronger than our recent armpit illusion, which was shot in a similar manner, but I hope it will deceive some of you.

It appears as if the girl posing in this photo has a very ugly and hairy shoulder, but in reality it’s just some guy’s leg “ruining” the picture.
Not So Sexy Optical Illusion

Stop Staring, Find The Animals!

Maxime Euzière found a pretty interesting spot the object picture, which he decided to share with us. At first I couldn’t see it, so I showed it to few of my internet-friends, and asked if they could point out the illusion. 

After hearing bunch of childish comments, ones I can’t believe I’m sharing here (“She’s not in the kitchen!”, “Tree is missing a finger“, and like), one person managed to spot an elephant, a dolphin, a duck, a crocodile and two monkeys. Yes, it has been photoshopped, but still good! Maxime added – there is also a beautiful damsel present…

The Fifth Face of Mount Rushmore

I’m not exactly sure if Jerome Santucci discovered this interesting phenomenon, or did he just report what he learned. Apparently, if you observe Mount Rushmore from certain point, you can see that four former US presidents aren’t the only ones present.

Turning the photo for 90 degrees can help you visualize the fifth persona even better! Who would you say it represents? Think this was by accident or intentionally planned?

Anyway, here’s an interesting fact about Mount Rushmore: did you know that the four presidents carved into the granite were initially planned to be depicted from head to waist? Unfortunately, lack of funding forced construction to its end. Either way, the memorial still attracts approximately two million people annually! You can see Gutzon Borglum’s (man behind the idea) original plans by visiting this wikipedia page.

“Powers Of One” Illusion

ust because we haven’t talked about Bev Doolittle for some time now, doesn’t mean we think any less of her extraordinary talent. But there’s one great mistake I keep repeating – each time we feature some of HER magnificent art, I wrongfully presume Bev is a guy. No matter how many times you corrected me on this, I keep forgetting what you have told me. I’d like to make up for this by sharing a short bio of the artist:

Bev Doolittle is one of America’s most collected artists. Crowded with intricate visual detail, haunted by presences seen and unseen, her paintings captivate the viewer on many levels. Traveling throughout the west in a camper, Bev had the luxury of time to develop her unique style. Her signature painting, “Pintos“, proved to be a dramatic departure point for Bev when her evolving style and technique merged with her love of nature to create what would become virtually a new genre.

She is often called a “camouflage artist” because her distinctive use of context, design and pattern help viewers discover meanings which seem hidden only until they become obvious.

Having all this in mind, after viewing rest of her opus (links in this article), try and see as many hidden animals there are in this picture. Don’t stop after you’ve only seen one or two – there are much more to be discovered!

How Does This Illusion Affect You?

I had troubles writing description for this illusion, since many people had different experience with it. Some said it gave them hedache, some thought they see imagionary cricles and spheres, some had opinnion that the image is “alive” and expanding… well, this is the reason I wont YOU to tell me what you think about it? 

If you don’t like it, feel free to say so! I hope that you appreciate my comments moderation, and how I always publish postive, as well as negative comments, as long as they aren’t rude. You might also wan’t to visit “Animations Category” for tons of cool stuff!

Lincoln Illusion

See this fine lady looking through a window in her room? I belevie she isn’taware that if you look at her from the distance, you will notice see she’s the part of a Lincoln’s face! Try it.. just slowly move away from this picture and the effect will come by it self. This wonderfull painting is done by a true artist, Salvador Dali.

Original picture:

Salvador Dali Illusion

What do you see? The profile of Salvador Dali? Or maybe an odd-looking woman?

Body Art Illusion

This illusion really does the trick. You can hardly beleive there is actually a women in this picture (no, it isn’t done with Adobe Photoshop)!

Body Art Illusion no.2

Priscilla Farrugia was kind enough to send us this fabulous photo. Body Art or Body Paint is a technique, where certain images are painted on your naked body, so it appears you are wearing clothes (painted ones), or you can appear transparent, like in the case below. 

If you like Body Art Illusions, be sure to check our sidebar for more. There you can find “Zodiac Signs Body Art”, “Body Art Illusion no.1″, “Painted Hands” and lot more. 

Brick Wall Body Paint Illusion

Just to inform you, I’m still alive :) I received few hundred more illusion submissions this week – even my dad sent me one! I’ll review them all, just give me few more days before I connect to proper speedy connection point. Concerning my vacation, I’m doing great. The only thing that I miss is my family. For today I uploaded interesting body paint illusion. It looks sexy, but polite – it’s modern art and nothing else. The figure fits well with it’s background, even though not as perfect as piano player and body camouflage did. Hope you like it, see you in few days.

More Body Art Illusions

Friend of mine sent me these two photos of beautiful models posing in an art performance. As you see they have pretty realistic body paintings on them. The first one looks awesome! I wish I had that kind of talent. If you find more of these, be sure to send them to me, and I’ll post them immediately. In my experience these quickly become most popular illusions on the site. Don’t ask me why, am not sure ;) 

For more body art, check body paint category. Ah, almost forgot! Check the Fish Tale Kissing illusion as well, you’ll have a laugh!

Body Paint Illusion from Australia

Hey everyone! Take a look a this funny poster ad for “Australia Post Office”. The title that goes along with it says: “If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter”. I think the line fits perfectly with the billboard. What I’m not exactly sure of, is whether to place this illusion inside Billboards category, or categorize it as “Body Paint” item. 

What is your opinion on this? I believe this photo wasn’t Photoshopped, nor manipulated in any way. I think it’s just a great example of realistic body paint. 

Reminded me a little of our Urban Camouflage article. Do you disagree? Was it manipulated or not?

This Isn’t a Painting

Few months ago, way back in March, I showed you some incredible works by #Alexa Meade (whenever you see # in front of a word, it means it’s a tag linked to related stuff). Many of you couldn’t believe that her paintings were actually real life people, body-painted in such a way to look as an acrylic masterpiece. The illusion works best when you see the installation up-close.
Just in case you don’t believe a word I’m saying, I’ve included few more photos shot from greater distance. Now wasn’t that nice of me…. ;)
AlexaMeade Body Paint Painting Optical Illusion 1

Spinning Ladybugs Illusion

How about something simple that works? Just in line with end of this week, a perfect relaxing Friday afternoon! Check out the ladybugs in this poster below. Are they dancing for you joyfully just as they did for me? The illusion may work even better if you move your eyes around the pic, or even better – if you observe the poster with peripheral sight, while reading this text.

Hidden Persons Optical Illusion

It is really amazing how such amazing works of art get unnoticed, and somehow manage to bypass my approval queue. Just when you get to think there are no more major league illusions left to feature, another wave of magnificent works gets re-submitted by our loyal fans – I thank you for that! Btw, many of you asked how illusion submission works in the first place? I thought the footer (email) link “Submit Illusion” was obvious enough, but your input suggests I should bring more attention to it…

Let me see if I can come with some sort of submission form in the following days…
Regarding the painting, it’s another creation by famous Octavio Ocampo. Observe it closely. How long does it take before you notice additional persons present? 

Don’t stop before you found all four of them! Perhaps there more, let’s see how many of them have you identified?

Smiling Girl Optical Illusion

First one to discover the illusion this poster hides gets an A+! Just don’t be distracted by the looks of the lady in it! I’m afraid the illusion has been incorporated with help of Adobe Photoshop or similar tool (which makes it less of an illusion, and more of a hard-to-see thingy), but still no less interesting find!

Best tip I can give you is to see this earlier post if you’re stuck here.

Psychedelic Screen Melt Illusion

Like always, once I get to see improved, better version of a previously featured submission – it goes live immediately! It doesn’t matter how many times similar effect has already been showcased. And what we have here today is “seemingly animated” pattern on steroids! If I can recall correctly, last one I have enjoyed so much (belonging to the same category) was the Running Snakes promo. Check out the psychedelic formation below! Can you really believe the image is static, and that the motion is just an illusion?

Try opening it in full-size to experience the effect in its full glory. From now on, this one is my favorite!
Click on the above image to open it in full size, and see the effect in its full glory!

Swimming Fish optical illusion

Swimming Fish optical illusion was originally created by Emily Knight and Arthur Shapiro. It was a 2007 Finalist in the Best Illusion of the Year Contest hosted by the Vision Sciences Society. However, there is a guy called Excel Hero, who recreates optical illusion using nothing but Excel. As he explains, the fish appear to wiggle up and down, but this is again just an illusion – all of the little bastards are actually standing still!

Amazing Body Painting Art

All of these were submitted by user that wishes to remain anonymous. I can’t blame him, considering improper debates some of our “immature” users started in previous body paint comments. I wish to remind you this is art, and I just hope all of you are mature enough to understand it.

Even if these models were completely naked (which they are), it would still be art. Now when we cleared this, we can start describing these illusions. If you jump inside this article (or if you came here by optical illusion of the day widgets, you are already inside the post), you will see bunch of amazing camouflage body paintings.

Some models like the first one, are painted in a way to camouflage with their background, and some are professionally painted to appear they are wearing clothes. Which one do you find most amazing? I like the first one most, because I’m big fan of camouflage illusions. 

Enjoy, and please share the link! You can also visit body paint category for more…

Once Was An Ordinary Girl

To describe the horror by the words is simply impossible. With this trash girl lived for 6 years. At age 11 it began to grow a tumor in her leg. Now the tumor weights 70 kg!

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