Saturday, May 21, 2011

A new shipment of mail order brides has arrived

If browsing mail order brides turned buying, which one would you add to cart?

Once upon a time it was a Ferrari

We all have dreams of growing up and making something of ourselves. The first purchase; a brand spanking new exotic car like a Ferrari. Then one day you get too cocky about the life you’ve made for yourself and crash your shinny bonus check. The ensuing gallery leaves you with the pain of a recent kick to the nuts.

Simplicity make difference

Be simple, be cool, be yourself and that would make a difference…


Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Female Actresses 2010 – 2011

Here we have the list of Hollywood Top Paid Female Actress for 2010 – 2011 Span, You will see some New faces replacing old Faces after giving blockbusters to Cinemas

1.Sandra Bullock
sandra bullock hot 2011 most paid actress Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Female Actresses 2010   2011

Estimated Net Worth: $85,000,000
Recent Earnings : $56 million
Winning Awards : Oscar, MTV Movie Awards.
Hits: The Proposal and The Blind Side
Date of Birth: July 26th, 1964
Title : she’s the highest-earning actress. The most popular actresses in Hollywood.

Jaw dropping roads in High-Res (27 Photos)

Jaw dropping roads in High-Res (27 Photos)